HCA – A unique water soluble salt of (-) HCA for weight control formulations

Obesity is a significant risk factor in the development of several life threatening disorders including heart diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and osteoarthritis.The fruit rind of Garcinia, popularly known as Kokum contains (-) Hydroxy citric acid. Traditionally culinary usage of Kokum has shown anti-obesity and hypolipidemic properties.

HCA – Mode of Action

HCA inhibits ATP-citrate lyase, a key enzyme responsible for fat synthesis. As a result of this inhibition, energy is diverted to production of glycogen in liver and muscles, instead of fat synthesis. Since higher glycogen levels signal satiety to the brain, HCA also suppresses appetite. Therefore, it can be said that HCA both inhibits fat production and (indirectly)helps to burn fat.

HydroxycitrisolTM Soluble Salt of HCA

VMSRF has developed a patented process for the manufacture of a highly soluble, off-white, free flowing, amorphous, tasteless and extremely pure double metal salt of neutral pH with 70-75% (-) HCA content.

Advantages of HydroxycitrisolTM

It is stable at high temperatures (1000C) & suitable for pasteurization of HCA supplemented foods and beverages. HydroxycitrisolTM has neutral pH and long shelf-life unlike the liquid products. Free solubility makes HydroxycitrisolTM readily incorporable into beverages, chocolates and other food formulations. Also serves as a soluble calcium supplement


  • High purity, soluble double metal salt
  • Tasteless, stable & neutral
  • Extensive patent cover & industrially viable process
  • Compatible with various food and beverages
  • 70-75% (-) Hydroxycitric acid
  • Technology transferred to commercial producers and HydroxycitrisolTM is being exported to the tune of 150 tones per month.