Neem Derived Bio-Insecticide

SoluNeemTM is a water-soluble, Neem based bio-insecticide through globally patented “Microencapsulation technology". The unique technology protects highly sensitive bioactive principles of neem seed kernels in storage and post application, resulting in enhanced field effectiveness. This is ideally suited for plant protection of field crops, fruits and vegetables.

Salient features
  • A broad spectrum botanical insecticide from Neem
  • A dried powder, freely soluble in water and stable over 2 years
  • Handy, ease in transportation
  • Having 60000 ppm Azadirachtin along with several other bioactive principles of neem
  • Effective against wide range of insect pests of sucking and chewing types
  • As effective as chemical insecticides and can be used in both organic as well as conventional agriculture
  • Able to prevent insecticide resistance due to its multiple ways of action and types of effect
  • Safe to beneficial insects & crop defenders
  • Not having acute toxicity or reproductive effects
Mode of action

SoluNeem is a natural insect growth regulator and anti-feedant. When used early or prior to pest build up, it leads to reduced feeding and moulting problems. It also causes reduction in fecundity and breeding ability. The water solubility property of the formulation greatly assists in the systemic transport of the active ingredient into the aerial plant parts, making it more toxic to all types of insect pests.


Thorough coverage of plants is a must for better results. It can be applied through any calibrated conventional spraying equipment. Quantity of spray solution depends on the crop and growth stage. For low volume sprays, the dilution rates have to be adjusted accordingly.
After the application, insects stop feeding, become attenuated. Pests may still be present on treated plants for some time after application but, won’t cause further damage.
A minimum of 3-5 hours rainless period is required after spray to be effectively absorbed by plants. Spray application should be avoided if rain is likely to fall within three hours following spray or has to be repeated if heavy rain occurs within three hours.
No additional surfactant or wetting agent is required.

Recommended Uses

SoluNeem is found very effective against diamond back moth (Plutella), Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Epilachna beetles, hoppers, aphids, mites, coconut black headed caterpillar and others. It can be alternated/combined with other biological/chemical methods to manage overlapping and multiple generations.
For all crops ensure complete coverage of crop plants for the best control. Apply @ 0.5 g/l for aerial spray application in all crops against variety of insects. Use 200 liter of spray solution per acre for a high volume spray. Repeat application 10-14 days later if necessary, after scouting for pest incidence and damage. A minimum of 2-4 sprays at 7-10 days intervals may be necessary for optimum pest management.