Selected 2010-11 Publications

  • Structural and functional analyses of a saturated acyl ACP thioesterase, type B from immature seed tissue of Jatropha curcas..
    Dani, K.G.S, Hatti, K.S, Ravikumar, P and Kush, A
    Plant Biology 13(3): 453-461 (2010)
  • Spatial and temporal secondary metabolite response of tomato cultivars to herbivory and mechanical injury.
    Raghava T., Ravikumar P., Hegde R. and Kush A
    Plant Science 179(5): 520-526(2010)
  • Issue of testicular toxicity of hydroxycitric acid lactone.
    D.Ranjith, S.Shiva Prakash, A.C.Karunakara, Latha Diwakar and G. Chandrasekara Reddy
    Current Science, 100, 24-27 (2011)
  • Synthesis of Mitoxantrone analogues and their in-vitro cytotoxicity
    P.Hareesh Kumar, S.Shiva Prakash, S.Krishna Kumar, Latha Diwakar and G. Chandrasekara Reddy
    1. International J. Chem Tech Res. 3, 690-694 (2011)
  • Genetic variation within and among small isolated populations of Santalum album. .
    Dani, K.G.S, Ravikumar,P, Kumar, P.R., and Kush A
    1. Biologia Plantarum 55 (2): 323-326 (2011).