Selected 2016-17 Publications

  • Synthesis of N- Glycolipidamides with Antifungal and Surfactant Properties
    Suvarna Shenvi, Jasbir Singh, Shivakumar, G Chandrasekara Reddy.
    Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 8(11), pp 284-289, (2016).
  • Structural Elucidation, Characterization, Crystal Structure and HirshfeldSurface Analysis of 1-(2, 4, 5-trimethoxy phenyl)-2-nitropropene.
    Suvarna Shenvi, Chandrasekara Reddy G, Naveen S, Lokanath NK, Ananda Kumar C.
    Der Pharma Chemica, 9(13), pp 55-60, (2017).
  • Rationale for water extraction of lipophilic azadirachtin (tetranortriterpenoid) from neem seeds - A conundrum.
    Shivaprakash, A.C.Karunakara, Suvarna Shenvi, Anil Kush, G. Chandrasekara Reddy.
    Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 10 (22), pp 1-5, (2017).