A chemo mechanical agent for removal of caries

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CARIE-CARE is an enzyme based gel formulation for non invasive and non traumatic removal of the debris in dental caries. The Chemo-mechanical caries removal technique involves the application of chemical agents, to cause a selective softening of carious dentine and facilitate removal by gentle excavation. CARIE-CARE has an endoprotein as its main active ingredient. The gel has bactericidal and disinfectant properties, food grade dye for localization, water and salts. The presence of a natural anti-inflammatory compound provides an added advantage in the chemo mechanical caries removal. The product can be effectively used in restorative dental procedures.

How to use demonstration video


  • Chemo mechanical agent for removal of caries
  • Selective Enzyme based natural product
  • Anti inflammatory & anti bacterial
  • Tested by multiple dental colleges in India
  • Unique product for Indian market
  • Patent applied

Mechanism of action

Papaya extract in Carie -Care breaks peptide bonds involves deprotonation (Deprotonation is the removal of a proton (H+) from a molecule, forming the conjugate base.) of Cys-25 by His-159. Asparagine-175 helps to orient the imidazole ring of His-159 to allow this deprotonation to take place. Cys-25 then performs a nucleophilic attack on the carbonyl carbon of a peptide backbone. This frees the amino terminal of the peptide, and forms a covalent acyl-enzyme intermediate. The enzyme is then deacylated by a water molecule, and releases the carboxy terminal portion of the peptide.

  • Hold the syringe with their openings upwards and remove the cork.
  • Dispense the required amount of gel from syringe directly to the cavity or to a suitable sterile container later applied by applicator instrument used routinely in clinics
  • Apply Carie-Care gel to the carious dentine generously and soak the caries
  • Wait for about 60 seconds or more if tooth is extensively cavitated , allow the chemical reaction to soften the caries
  • Remove the gel with a moistened cotton pellet and rinse the mouth
  • Scrape off the remaining softened carious dentine with suitable instrument depending on position and accessibility to the cavity
  • Check whether cavity is free of caries if it is not, apply new gel and continue scraping
  • If necessary drill is used to adjust periphery and restore tooth with suitable filling material