Collaborative & Contract Research

Sponsored Projects

VMSRF has undertaken a sponsored research project for Diakron pharmaceuticals, San Diego, USA to develop a new generation of calcium channel blockers with specificity towards T- channels for the treatment of cardio vascular diseases. VMSRF designs, synthesises and provides the potential molecules for Diakron to conduct the feasibility testing, pre-clinical studies and human clinical trials and regulatory clearences world wide.

VMSRF has undertaken a sponsored research project for Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company to develop and process optimization of some neoplastic agents which are currently in the world market.

VMSRF also looks into providing cost effective, innovative processes along with analytical method development to analyse and quantify the intermediates along with final products.

Contract Research

VMSRF can undertake contract research in the fields of biotechnology and chemical sciences. These include; Custom synthesis, product and process development for synthetic and natural products, as well as biotechnological products.