Neem Magic

Salient features of Neem Magic

  • IMO certified for use in organic agriculture
  • A botanical plant protectant from Neem
  • 50000 ppm Azadirachtin along with many other bioactive principles of neem
  • Effective against wide range of insect pests of both sucking and chewing types
  • Can be used in both organic as well as conventional agriculture
  • Safe to beneficial insects & crop defenders

This eco-friendly insecticide is a useful product, with enhanced field effectiveness. Neem Magic is an Emulsifiable Concentrate (E.C.) which mixes in water easily. It is compatible with all other pesticides. Neem Magic can be used for effective and efficient management of many insect pests infesting different crops.

Usage guidelines

Dosage – 0.5 ml/l
Sprays and spray solution required – It depends on the crop and the stage of the crop.
Cabbage and Cauliflower: 3 – 4 sprays against DBM, Spodoptera, aphids.
Tomato/Chilli/Brinjal/Cotton: 3 - 5 sprays against Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, mites, whiteflies, fruit borers etc.
Mango/Cashew/Tea/Coffee: 3 - 5 sprays against leafhoppers, mites, mosquito bugs, mealy bugs, etc If it rains after spray, the spray needs to be repeated. Stickers can also be used if rain is anticipated in few hours.



IMO certified for use in organic agriculture