Neem Secondary Metabolite Database

"e Profiling of secondary metabolite in Azadirachta indica Synergies through wet and dry lab Investigation"

      Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation(VMSRF) have along history of exploring nature and finding answers for our unsolved problems in the Human health, Agriculture and other sectors. Neem is such a miracle resource from which human kind have been benefiting for centuries. This project aims at discovering potential drug targets of metabolites of Neem. This approach will be highly beneficial in discovering novel targets.

     The project serves as a vital step in understanding and validating the health care, agricultural and veterinary application profile of Azadirachta indica. Identification of principle active metabolite in silico for each activity could open a new spectrum of lead molecules, either for direct or for making semisynthetic derivatives and analogues.

     Our database gives one click access to information about the secondary metabolites of Neem. We have presented neem secondary metabolites along with their structures in various formats, molecular weight, various physico-chemical properties and biological activity. We have also included the source of the respective metabolites. It will serve as an easier and systematic way to access all the information regarding Neem secondary metabolite which will be just be a click away.

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